ep 032 Dealing With Depression (Not Just for Artists)

Dealing with depression is not just for artists. Though artists are most sensitive to it, it can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. Listen to learn how two performers have managed to deal and overcome depression through their capers onstage and off-stage.

One Big Caper Podcast | ep 032 Dealing With Depression (Not Just for Artists)

Another listener requested topic!

It’s true. Artists are often subject to the extremes when it comes to the full spectrum of human emotions; just like the “artist stereotype” implies. The lows can be pretty dark. We believe that is because we also get the experience of really amplified highs! In this episode, we attempt to tackle the subject of dealing with depression in the performing arts. We treat this subject with respect and even address our own personal bouts and some techniques and practices we use to climb back out of the dumps.

One of the things we stress is that it truly is important to talk to or with someone.

24 hour Suicide and Crisis Lifeline just dial 988

Click here for the National Network of Depression Centers

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