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One Big Caper is an episodic, bite-sized chat about the adventures of two dreamers and storytellers, all the way from show business to what most see as the common or mundane daily experience. It is created for dreamers and storytellers by dreamers and storytellers.

Dreamers & Storytellers

Athena Patacsil is a former principal Las Vegas Showgirl who has become a valuable and inspirational resource for graceful femininity and empowerment the world over.

Phelyx Hopkins is better known as Professor Phelyx, a touring comedic mentalist who uses tricks to reveal truths in his funny and amazing shows.

As partners in all things, this duo explores the shiny, sparkly stuff that made them stars of the stage and how that part of themselves can’t be muted, even when simply shopping for groceries in the suburbs of Denver.

In this program, they explore life on stage, backstage, and off stage. Subjects like love and relationships, parenting, friendships, business, entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle, travel, design, self-care, psychology, non-traditional gender roles, finding adventure in all things, are explored from their very unique and often differing perspectives.

You can take people out of the show but you can’t take the show out of Athena or Phelyx.

One Big Caper is accessible with video on YouTube and an audio-only version wherever you get your podcasts.

Keep doing what you’re doing so the rest of us can keep dreaming.

An American in Paris, September 2019

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